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Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading brand of waste disposal machine and carbonization equipment in China. The company is an environmentally-friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of them. Our company was established on September 23, 2005. Our factory is located in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, with a standardized heavy industrial plant of 40,000 square meters. At the same time, it has introduced internationally advanced large and medium-sized metal processing equipment, including 10 machining centers, 3 laser cutting machines, and more than 80 types of equipment. We are China’s self-operated import and export enterprise. Our company is Zhengzhou organic fertilizer equipment engineering research and development center, which provides a strong guarantee for the product quality and development of the enterprise.

Our company has a professional team composed of experts, professors and senior engineers. We are dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and promotion of waste disposal machine & carbonization equipment. Our company was founded in 2005. After years of reform and development, Shunxin Machinery has won countless certificates of honor. These honors are Consumer approval of our products. We have gained a good credit and reputation in machinery industry.

Our company’s main business projects are the installation and production of carbonization equipment, gasification equipment, oil-water separator and accessories, and the design and construction of engineering. Our equipment is complete in specifications and quality, and all indicators meet or exceed national standards. Our products are popular both at home and abroad. Our company have realized one-stop service for design, manufacture, installation, debugging, technical training.


  • Deliver cedar wood carbonization furnace

    Deliver cedar wood carbonization furnace

    The cedar wood carbonization furnace will be sent to our client today. The cedar wood carbonization furnace consists of several components, including a drying furnace (optional), the main carbonization furnace, a condenser (optional), and a cooling t ...   Read more

  • Feedback of the domestic waste pyrolysis gasification machine

    Feedback of the domestic waste pyrolysis gasification machine

    On May 3rd, we deliverd a set of domestic waste pyrolysis gasification machine to our client. This client is a village cadre. The domestic waste polluted the environment, so he want to deal with it. After careful consideration and comparison, he choo ...   Read more

  • Ship Straw Carbonization Equipment

    Ship Straw Carbonization Equipment

    Last week, we shiped a set of carbonization equipment to our client. The customer’s raw material is mainly straw. He wants to use the biomass carbonized from straw as fuel for his own use. Our straw carbonization equipment mainly includes  a dr ...   Read more

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What are the factors affecting the carbon yield of wood?

The carbonization rate of wood refers to the degree of quality loss during the carbonization process, which is the proportion of solid components in the original wood converted into gases and liquid products. The carbonization rate of wood is influenced by various factors, including the type of wood, moisture content, ... + Read more

How to dispose of kitchen waste?

1. Grinding and direct discharge: Due to limited kitchen space, on-site reduction is the basic approach for kitchen waste disposal. In some countries where the amount of kitchen waste is small, kitchen waste disposal equipment is installed in the kitchen to grind the waste, and the pulverized waste is discharged into t ... + Read more

How many tons of wood can produce one ton of charcoal?

The conversion of wood to charcoal involves the process of carbonization, which results in a significant reduction in mass. Generally, it takes approximately 2 to 3 tons of wood to produce 1 ton of charcoal. This conversion ratio can vary based on several factors, including the type of wood used, the carbonization proc ... + Read more

How to improve wood charcoal yield?

Optimize the Carbonization Process: Choosing suitable carbonization furnaces and processes is crucial for enhancing the wood’s carbonization rate. The carbonization furnace should have excellent temperature control capabilities and an appropriate carbonization time to achieve efficient carbonization reactions. Co ... + Read more

What is carbonization equipment?

Carbonization equipment refers to machinery and systems used to convert organic materials, such as biomass, wood, agricultural waste, and other organic substances, into charcoal through a process called carbonization. Carbonization is a controlled thermal decomposition of the organic material in the absence of oxygen, ... + Read more

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